Melanoma Institute Australia

‘Take steps’.

The ‘Take Steps Forward’ film series is an initiative created by the Melanoma Institute together with Daughter and focussed on their annual family charity event – a 4 km Melanoma March across Australia in March. The films launched on broadcast, shared socially on social communities and on the Melanoma institute web portal. They are designed to foster awareness around Melanoma health and how positive, forward-thinking action and support can help create effective change.

The films harness the firm belief amongst the Melanoma community - patients, families and health experts, that taking steps forward together can effect change. Putting one foot in front of the other, even when it’s extremely heartbreaking. Making a stand against the disease in ways big and small. And making the journey to the Melanoma March event – to encourage awareness amongst the wider community about the melanoma disease and to help fundraise research efforts, towards zero deaths.

The four films follow personal journeys around the impact of Melanoma, as they share their experiences, heartbreaks, breakthroughs, and what life looks like living beyond a Melanoma diagnosis. One journey tells the story of a family who has lost a loved one. A second family has a loved one who has survived the disease. A third journey shares insight into a family whose loved one is suffering from the disease. And the fourth sheds some light on the medical, research and leadership team who are helping fight the disease head-on. In totality, the series of films are a message of action and hope. It is about every family who has been affected by Melanoma and their surrounding communities, coming together to support each other.