The Avalanches

‘We will always love you’ film.

Michael Dole co-directed this piece
director & artist
Jonathan Zawada

Production Company: Daughter
Executive Producer: Annika Johansson
Client: EMI Music

The Avalanches ‘We will always love you’ is an exploration of the vibrational relationship between light, sound and spirit.

The part music film, part documentary, part motion art is inspired by the NASA Voyager Golden Record project a 12-inch gold-plated copper disk containing a variety of natural sounds, spoken greetings in several languages, and a 90-minute selection of ethnic music. It was to be launched into space and portray human life on Earth to any form of alien intelligence that would come to find it.

Exploring the journey of Ann Druyan.
The woman who helped put together the series of gold records ‘Cosmos’ currently floating out there amongst the stars.

Druyan and astronomer Carl Sagan fell in love with one another while working together on the Voyager project.

One of these sound included on the Voyager Golden Record was Ann Druyan’s heartbeat, recorded on the same day that her husband, Sagan, proposed to her. The record was inserted in the space probes of 1977’s Voyager Programme and launched into space. And now the heartbeat of a woman in love floats in space for eternity.

The film explores the transcendent nature of music itself. Beginning with the physical, we become the ephemeral, escape the confines of the planet before we are bounced back by celestial objects. On our return we have changed, enmeshed in the universal fabric. Having shed physical form, the moments we see are of unencumbered humans in evangelical ecstasy.

How we can move from the unsure human condition to liberated state of positivity and freedom. Through sound we are turned pure signal.