Yulgilbar Station

‘Of Time’.

A journey ‘of time’... a long and treasured history, from humble beginnings in 1840, to 1954 when the first Santa Gertrudis bull was introduced, to today becoming one
of the oldest Santa Gertrudis stud farms in Australia.

Nurturing ‘of time’... perfecting our extensive Santa Gertrudis gene pool including sourcing some of the best genetics globally.

Cycles ‘of time’... harnessing the cyclical seasons for how we cultivate and farm our land.

Moments ‘of time’... acknowledging the families that have owned, lived and worked on the station.

Knowledge ‘of time’… valuing the shared knowledge of past generations.

Progression ‘of time’... finding the right balance of traditional and modern agricultural practises.

The value ‘of time’... carrying Yugilbar’s legacy into the future.

Time is what allows Yugilbar to excel in reputation.

Time is what gives Yugilbar its lasting legacy.

• • •

Film Director: Michael Dole
Executive Producer: Annika Johansson
Production Company: Daughter Collective

Client: Yulgilbar Pastoral Company